Health app MyFitnessPal raises $18M from Kleiner Perkins, Accel in first round of outside funding

But, after years of going it alone, the company said on Sunday that it had raised $18 million from some of Silicon Valleys biggest investors. The Series A round was led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and included Accel Partners. As part of the deal, Kleiner Perkins John Doerr and Accels Andrew Braccia will join the companys board. Subscribe to Over the years, MyFitnessPal has built up loyal following among those trying to improve their fitness and lose weight with a free app that lets users input and track their daily calorie consumption and exercise . Despite the thousands of health and fitness apps available, including rivals Lose It! and MyNetDiary , MyFitnessPal consistently ranks among the top free apps on both iOS and Android platforms. In the last year, the company said its seen an increase of more than 1.5 million new users per month. With the new funding, co-founder Mike Lee said MyFitnessPal plans to invest in product development and growing its team of about 40 people. It also plans to push further into international markets earlier this summer, it launched new versions in Spanish, French, German and Portugese to help drive business in Europe and South America. Given rising interest in digital health and fitness tools, its not surprising to see the company redouble its efforts with investors. Between 2012 and 2017, worldwide downloads of sports and fitness mobile apps are expected to grow 63 percent, according to a recent report from research firm IHS Electronics and Media . As interest in health-tracking devices also continues to climb, MyFitnessPal, which integrates with gadgets like the Fitbit (see disclosure) and Jawbone Up (as well as some other fitness apps ), sees an opportunity in being a central health- and fitness-related data hub. MyFitnessPal will help you glean and discover insights from that data, Lee said. By combining population data with personal data, well be able to provide personal analysis to help individuals achieve their goals. The app already collects millions of data points on users diets and exercise regimes, including what they eat, whether they eat at home or restaurants, how often they exercise and the amount of weight that they lose. With the explosion of wearable sensors, Lee added, data collection on health- and fitness-related decisions and outcomes will only grow. MyFitnessPal is currently ad-supported but, as it offers more data-driven products, it will be interesting to see what kinds of revenue streams it might add.

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Health Ranger reveals Natural News plans, projects, and successes for 2013 and beyond

Watch Natural News for announcements and video clips. Click here to join GAIAM TV now and enjoy thousands of other videos, documentaries and instructional programs that GAIM currently has available to members. Our first four episodes cover topics like electropollution (EMFs), GMOs, dangers of junk beverages, fake food ingredients and more… Major book publisher signs book deal with Health Ranger I’ve also just signed a book deal with a well-established, highly-successful publishing house. The book is slated to be completed by the end of 2013 and will appear on bookstore shelves in the third quarter of 2014. I’m writing this book myself (not having it ghost-written) and will be incorporating a substantial collection of new science involving nutritional cures, disease prevention, chemical detoxification strategies and more. The book is also slated to cover radiation protection, EMF protection, chemtrails defense, Smart Meters and a whole lot more. Watch Natural News for more announcements on this in 2014. The book will be readily available in bookstores,, Amazon Kindle and more. It will also contain hundreds of scientific citations supporting nutritional therapies and detox strategies. BIG announcement to be made by Christmas In addition to everything else going on at Natural News, we have a huge announcement to make before the end of 2013 that, as I promised before, will “rock the natural products industry.” The effects of this breaking announcement will be felt throughout the FDA and USDA, and it will be heralded as nothing less than a truly stunning breakthrough in the history of food science for the benefit of consumers. I realize these are big words, but this is no exaggeration. We are about to lift the veil on corporate food secrecy in a way that has never before been done in our industry. Exciting times lay ahead, in other words. Here at Natural News, we are taking all the revenues generated through the Natural News Store and sponsor support, then redirecting those funds into game-changing content projects , R&D projects and more. Your support makes all this possible, and together we are literally changing the world for the better.

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