Update: 2013 List Of Best Doctors In Dallas Features Texas Institute For Surgery Physicians

Finance Thu, Sep 19, 2013, 1:08 PM EDT – U.S. Markets close in 2 hrs 52 mins Stock Watch Update: 2013 List of Best Doctors in Dallas Features Texas Institute for Surgery Physicians Press Release: Texas Institute for Surgery 2 hours 17 minutes ago Print DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — More than 30 physicians credentialed to practice at Texas Institute for Surgery at Texas Heath Presbyterian Dallas (TIS) are recognized by D Magazine in its October issue, Best Doctors 2013. Best Doctors is an annual peer-review voting process. The nomination form asked board-certified doctors to cast a vote bearing in mind the following question: Which Dallas doctors would you trust with the care of a loved one? “Texas Institute for Surgery is proud to provide the highest in quality surgeons and staff to our patients”, said TIS President David Helfer, FACHE. “At TIS, we believe we have some of the most highly acclaimed surgeons in Dallas. Having many of our surgeons recognized by local physicians, and D Magazine as Dallas’ Best Doctors supports that belief”. Texas Institute for Surgery offers a full range of surgical procedures including orthopedic, spine, pain management and ENT, among others. D Magazine recognized surgeons from nearly every specialty offered at TIS. TIS received the Dallas 100 Award from the SMU Cox Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship for six consecutive years. TIS was also a winner in the 2010 Greater Dallas Business Ethics Awards. TIS active status doctors who are listed as Best Docs by specialty are: Cosmetic/Reconstructive Surgery

get more information http://finance.yahoo.com/news/2013-list-best-doctors-dallas-145100237.html

Doctors Volunteer to Help Save Syrian Refugees in Jordan Hospital

She should be out playing and running. She should not have her sides blown out and her intestines hanging out of her.” Abdelnaby, an Arab-American, was part of a group of 30 other medical professionals from all over the world who traveled to Jordan in order to help treat Syrian refugees. The trip was run through the Salaam Cultural Museum , a non-profit organization that collects aid for Syrian refugees. The group was led by Dr. Human Akbik, a Harvard-educated, triple-boarded surgeon who practices at Mercy Health in Cincinnati, and a Syrian-born American who has led six week-long trips to Jordan to help care for dislocated Syrians. During their short time there, Akbik and his team traveled around the country in packed vans and cars. The cases they saw ranged from asthma to gunshot and shrapnel wounds. They established the group’s first optometry clinic and even set up mobile pharmacies. “We have 750 pounds-worth of medication right now,” Akbik said as he landed in Amman with 10 pieces of luggage, each packed with medicine. “Nightline” spent a week traveling with Dr. Akbik from the United States to the Amman hospital, and then followed the all-volunteer medical team as they worked tirelessly amid the youngest casualties of a brutal civil war in Syria. Eighty percent of their patients were women and children. As the doctors treated patients, President Obama was locked in a room with his advisors working on making a case for targeted strikes against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and a fierce debate took shape over whether the U.S.

this post http://abcnews.go.com/International/doctors-volunteer-save-syrian-refugees-jordan-hospital/story?id=20228387


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