Australian Gastroenterology Week (agw) 2007 & Developments In Ulcerative Colitis

Julian Assange proud of Australian support

5-ASA Compounds & A Simple Method for the Determination of its Levels in the Lining of the Large Bowel5-Aminosalicyclic acid ( ASA ) compounds are medications that act to reduce the amount of inflammation central to some disorders of the bowel, such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. In patients with ulcerative colitis, they have been shown to be very effective in inducing and maintaining remission of disease. Levels of 5-ASA in the lining of the bowels have been shown to predict efficacy and possibly act as a marker for clinical endpoints in patients with disease. A clinical trial was performed by Haines et al, to try and determine a simple, yet sensitive and reproducible method for detection of 5-ASA in the lining of the bowel. Specific concentrations of 5-ASA were added to biopsies (tissue samples) of the lining of the colon. From the study, clear, reproducible peaks were achieved at certain wavelengths. These peaks were significantly sensitive for 5-ASA. What we need to do now is to apply these results in a clinical context. Genes Implicated in IBD – IL23R is an IBD Susceptibility Gene (confirmation in an Australian cohort) and GLI1 gene a Risk Factor for Ulcerative Colitis With advances in research and from results of clinical studies, additional insight into the causes and genetics behind ulcerative colitis has been obtained. For example, variations in particular receptors such as the IL 23 receptor has recently been shown to be associated with both Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Another gene called the GLI1 gene plays a significant role in the formation and maintenance of a healthy lining for our gut. Defects in the GLI1 gene have been implicated in patients with ulcerative colitis. Patterns of Medication use in Inflammatory Bowel Disease PatientsThere is a wide range of therapies for ulcerative colitis – depending on the location of disease, different combinations of treatments are employed. In disease limited to the rectum, the mainstay of therapy includes topical aminosalicyclate (5-ASA) suppositories (small masses of medication that are designed to melt when inserted into a body cavity).


A national survey by Sydney-based UMR Research, a company which Labor relies on for its own internal polling, found in April that 26 percent of Australian voters said they were likely to vote for Assange or other candidates running for his WikiLeaks Party in national elections that could be held as soon as Sept. 7. “I’m obviously proud of that, but it’s also something extremely interesting about the Australian people and about what is happening and the perceptions of what is happening in Canberra,” Assange said, referring to the national capital. UMR managing director John Utting told Fairfax Media in April said that the poll showed WikiLeaks had “a good chance” of winning seats if Assange runs a clever campaign. A senate seat can be won with as little as 17 percent of the vote within a state. The online survey of 1,000 voters had a 3 percentage point margin of error. A poll published by The Monthly website in June conducted by Melbourne-based Roy Morgan Research found 21 percent of voters would consider voting for Assange’s party, with support greater among women (23 percent to 20). The poll was based on a telephone survey of 546 voters on June 4 – 6. No margin of error was published. Assange has been campaigning by Skype from a room in the embassy where he was granted asylum more than a year ago to avoid extradition to Sweden on sex crime allegations. He said electioneering was difficult from his hot and windowless room in the embassy. “It’s not easy, it’s a challenge … and I’m someone who likes challenges,” Assange said.

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