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Study Finds Many Gastroenterologists Unaware Of Appropriate Immunizations For Ibd Patients

According to the studies’ authors, many IBD patients are not being vaccinated appropriately. One thousand gastroenterologists, randomly selected from the membership of the American College of Gastroenterology, were asked to complete a 19-question electronic survey regarding suitable vaccines for the immune-competent and immunosupressed IBD patient and the barriers to recommending the vaccines. The researchers also […]

Five Emotional Moments From Matt Smith’s ‘doctor Who’ Farewell

Of course, we’ve known for several months that this was coming, but the reactions on social media made clear that many in the audience weren’t ready to say goodbye to Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. “Oh gosh. I’m emotionally wrecked,” tweeted Kyle Williams . “MY FEELINGS ARE NOT OK,” is how Vera Raposo put it. So without […]

Canada Has More Doctors, Making More Money Than Ever

Doctor Who’s Canadian connection Growth in the number of doctors has been highest in rural areas, where complaints about shortages and access to care have historically been most pronounced. In the past five years, the number of physicians working in rural Canada rose five times faster than the national population. Provincially, British Columbia and Newfoundland […]

Australian Doctors’ Beliefs And Practice Regarding Helicobacter Pylori

Crohn’s Disease – Professor Thomas Borody Of Australia Comes To New York To Discuss Significant New Findings This has emerged from research conducted by a group from Perth, one of whom was Dr Aileen Plant of the University of Western Australia’s Department of Public Health. Aileen Plant: What we were trying to find out was […]

Correction: A Doctor’s Legacy Story

Rather, he says: “I did it with my words and actions.” Growing up north of Boston, Fournier was the oldest of six children whose assembly-line worker father died at age 40. In medical school, he was keenly aware that he hadn’t shared many of the privileges enjoyed by most of his classmates a they were […]

License To Booze : Uk Doctors Say James Bond Imbibes 92 Drinks A Week

After reading all 14 original James Bond novels and taking meticulous notes on every alcoholic beverage imbibed, doctors at Nottingham University Hospital found that Bond polishes off 92 drinks a week — which would affect his ability to perform in all aspects of life. To put it in perspective, thats the equivalent of five vodka […]

West Orange Gastroenterologist Pleads Guilty In Cash-for-tests Kickback Scheme

District Judge Claire Cecchi in Newark to soliciting and receiving the kickbacks in violation of the federal health care anti-kickback statute, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said. Green faces a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison, along with a fine, when he is sentenced in March. He has also agreed to forfeit to the […]