License To Booze : Uk Doctors Say James Bond Imbibes 92 Drinks A Week

Ian Flemming

After reading all 14 original James Bond novels and taking meticulous notes on every alcoholic beverage imbibed, doctors at Nottingham University Hospital found that Bond polishes off 92 drinks a week — which would affect his ability to perform in all aspects of life. To put it in perspective, thats the equivalent of five vodka martinis or one and a half bottles of wine every day. The studys doctors say his alcoholic intake puts him in the highest risk group for malignancies, depression, hypertension and cirrhosis (an abnormal liver condition). He is also at high risk of suffering from sexual dysfunction, which would considerably affect his womanizing, they wrote in the study published in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal. After charting 007s drinks throughout Ian Flemings entire series — excluding the 36 days Bond spent in prison, hospital, or rehab — researchers found that the spy downed an average of 92 units of alcohol a week. (A unit is defined as about 10 ml, or 0.3 ounces, of pure alcohol.) Thats more than four times the safe amount of recommended alcohol by the British government. The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, for example, advises Canadians to limit their alcohol intake to two drinks a day for women, and three drinks a day for men. One drink is about 1.4 ounces (43 ml) of distilled alcohol, 5 ounces (148 ml) of wine, or one pint of beer. Bonds biggest daily drinking binge was in From Russia with Love, when he downed almost 50 drinks. And the doctors suspect alcohol may have been a factor in Bonds Casino Royale car crash, after he knocked back 39 units of alcohol before engaging in a high-speed car chase. Bond had only 12.5 alcohol-free days during the course of the fictional series, according to the analysis. Although we appreciate the societal pressures to consume alcohol when working with international terrorists and high-stakes gamblers, we would advise Bond be referred for further assessment of his alcohol intake and reduce his intake to safe levels, the researchers concluded. While the study was meant to be lighthearted, the doctors say the study addresses important issues about alcohol consumption, as excess consumption is a societal and health problem throughout the world. Alcohol is thought to be the cause of 4 per cent of deaths worldwide, or 2.5 million deaths each year. Related Links

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Philippines typhoon: UK doctors speak from storm-hit country

A make-shift hospital waiting room in a damaged building in the Philippines

Patients want physicians to be certified based on a valid assessment of the knowledge necessary to provide high-quality care. If patients cannot trust the knowledge that board certification is expected to measure, the medical profession loses the public’s confidence. Moreover, certification should indicate the ability to care for patients, rather than efficient test preparation. Notably, although patients express a highly favorable view of certification, it is not required by most hospitals and health care plans. Prescription for Cheating investigation The distinction between cheating and guided study is crucial. Old test questions and recent examination experience are routinely used to create study materials. The American College of Physicians produces a summary of concepts and information most likely to appear on the ABIM certification exam. The content of this summary is shaped by post-examination residents. The First Aid series for medical students is updated annually based on examinee reports. Using a focused study guide created based on examinees’ input bears some similarity to studying from practice questions that may have been on a recent examination. The difference lies in the detail and specificity of the information conveyed. Nevertheless, from the public’s perspective, both practices represent “shortcuts” for examination success. Drivers of dishonest behavior Cheating in education and sports creates unfairness between “competitors.” Unlike performance-enhancing drugs, the use of Ritalin and Valium to improve test performance is not considered cheating.

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When doctors cheat

Gregory Ruhnke

One of the foreign medical teams is from the UK, sent by the Department for International Development. Many children in the Philippines are in need of treatment Half of the 12-strong team is now on board HMS Daring, which is heading to remote islands off the north of Cebu, where there has been limited medical help so far. The other half is heading for Tacloban, the scene of some of the worst devastation, where the medics are expected to arrive on Monday. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Steve Mannion, a member of the team which left the UK last week, says they have been told what to expect in Tacloban. “There are people presenting with very badly crushed lower limbs which may need amputation,” he says. “A week after the typhoon people are presenting with very, very badly neglected septic wounds and there have even been three deaths from septic wounds in the last few days.” Many in Tacloban and in other more remote areas have still not received the medical care they so desperately need. Treating infected wounds remains a top priority to stop more people losing limbs, or dying from sepsis. Diarrhoeal disease outbreaks tend to start around 10 days after a disaster like this strikes. Half of the British medical team is aboard HMS Daring heading for remote areas They can lead to extreme dehydration which can be fatal, especially in children. The medical teams on the ground are bracing themselves as aid teams continue to try to get clean water supplies up and running. The main islands affected were poorer areas of the Philippines. Many children are not immunised against measles or polio.

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