Five Emotional Moments From Matt Smith’s ‘doctor Who’ Farewell

On November 23, 1963, "Doctor Who" was first broadcast on the BBC. Today, it remains a cult favorite among science-fiction fans young and old. Click through the gallery to see the 11 men who have played the title character -- and who will play him next.

Of course, we’ve known for several months that this was coming, but the reactions on social media made clear that many in the audience weren’t ready to say goodbye to Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. “Oh gosh. I’m emotionally wrecked,” tweeted Kyle Williams . “MY FEELINGS ARE NOT OK,” is how Vera Raposo put it. So without further ado, here are five moments from the episode that had us feeling all of our feelings: 1. The Doctor leaves Clara (twice) Things started off smoothly enough, with the Doctor pretending to be Clara’s boyfriend at Christmas dinner. A few sitcom-ish moments (and Daleks, weeping angels and Cybermen — including one disembodied) later, and soon the Doctor learned that Gallifrey and the other Time Lords could soon return, using a crack in the wall, in a small town called Christmas — a time field seen in the Eleventh Doctor’s first episode. The Daleks, Cybermen and more were ready to take on the Time Lords, however, and the Doctor was prepared to literally save Christmas (not to mention the entire planet, Trenzalore). But he didn’t think he could protect Clara and sent her back home without her knowledge. As centuries went by on Trenzalore, the Doctor started to show his age and finally, Clara returned with the TARDIS and the “feels” came along with her. Seeing the Doctor and his companion — who had earlier unwittingly declared her feelings for him — reunited was a hugely uplifting moment, though soon the Doctor sent her away again, after saying he wouldn’t. (Sorry, Clara, the Doctor lies.) But she returned one last time… Looking back on 50 years of ‘Doctor Who’ 2. The last Doctor?

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‘Doctor Who’ fans talk Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi on Twitter

"Doctor Who" star Matt Smith. “I think what he brought back to the role is the absolute nuttiness of the Doctor,” Moffat said. “Matt’s Doctor is basically insane. You put him in a normal situation, and you realize he’s an absolute lunatic.” (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

26, 2013 | 7:30 a.m. Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor. (BBC America) Link Times change, and so must I. Thus spoke the 11th Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, moments before the time-traveling extraterrestrial shed his appearance and regenerated in a new form this time played by Peter Capaldi. (Fans who missed the Christmas episode, beware there are spoilers ahead.) The passing of the Doctor mantle came during the final moments of The Time of the Doctor, the shows ninth Christmas special since its 2005 revival and the 800th episode in its 50-year history. Smiths 11th Doctor spent most of the episodeprotecting the town of Christmas on the planet Trenzalore, and aging significantly in the process. After delivering his swan song aboard the Tardis, the 11th Doctor quickly morphed into the 12th. Viewers didnt have much time to see Capaldi in action, as his arrival was brief and hectic: Upon regenerating, the wild-eyed 12th Doctor exclaimed, Kidneys Ive got new kidneys! and proceeded to complain about their color.He then asked an equally bewildered Clara (Jenna Coleman), Do you happen to know how to fly this thing? Reaction to the new Doctor on Twitter was largely positive. Though many fans were sad to see Smith go, most were also cautiously optimistic about Capaldi or outright excited. Heres a sampling: It was a reallllyyyy good episode. I only wish we got to see another few mins of Peter Capaldi, like we did Matt Smith.


‘Doctor Who’: Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Revealed – What Do You Think? [Video]

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Time of the Doctor Doctor Who: Peter Capaldis Doctor Revealed   What Do You Think? [Video]

Elevens hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelves. To get around the twelve regeneration limit, Moffat re-introduced theGallifreyans, who after the events of The Day of the Doctor, are trapped in a pocket universe safe but calling out through a crack in time. Just as the Doctor is about to die (with no regenerations left), Clara pleads with the Time Lords to help the Doctor change his future and fresh regeneration energy comes pouring through another time crack, allowing the Doctor to fend-off a Dalek invasion and, after a lengthy goodbye between Clara (as well as a vision of Amy Pond), regenerate into the Twelfth Doctor. In case you missed the full episode, BBC has released a clip of the Matt Smith/Peter Capaldi regeneration (which you can check out for yourself above). After the drawn-out regenerations of Eccleston and Tennant, the quick blink and youll miss it transformation from Smith to Capaldi might have been a shock to some viewers and was a source of debate among commenters in our review. As with anything Doctor Who, viewers will likely form their own explanation for why Smith wasnt treated to the usual transitioning face effect (hed already started regenerating on the roof of the bell tower, it was the start of a new regeneration cycle, etc). Yet, regardless of the official explanation, not every Doctor was given a lengthy transition a few classic series regenerations (especially John Pertwee to Tom Baker) were nearly as quick. Watch (almost) every Doctor Who regeneration in the compilation below: Whether or not the Doctor was gifted a singleregenerationor an entireregenerationcycle will also be a source of contention among fans since some viewers might have differentinterpretations forSmiths line: Im getting used to my new regeneration cycle. If you hated, loved, or are indifferent to the logistics of this regeneration, one thing is still certain: Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor now that fans have been treated to an official (albeit short) interaction between Clara and Twelve.In the pre-season 8 teaser, Capaldis Doctor appears to Clara, comments on his new kidneys, and then asks whether she knows how to fly the TARDIS, before the 2013 Christmas Special credits roll. Heres the full transcript from the exchange: The Doctor: Kidneys! Ive got new kidneys. I dont like the color. Clara: Of your kidneys? Whats happening? The Doctor: Were probably crashing! Oh! Clara: Into what? The Doctor: Stay calm. Just one question. Do you happen to know how to fly this thing? As usual (with any regeneration), it was a hasty glimpse at how a new actor intends to put his mark on the iconic role. Obviously, we dont have much to go by yet but Capaldi appears to be just about what we expected when his casting was first announced: a more severe but still quirky version of the Doctor one that, as Moffat suggests, can take the character in a fresh direction . After Smiths impassioned speech about remembering every detail in his many lives, Capaldis post-regeneration memory troubles might have left some viewers wondering if the Twelfth Doctor was going to suffer from a tragic case of amnesia (possibly as a result of his new regeneration cycle).

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