Canadian Doctor Guilty Of Molesting 21 Women

(Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images) | Colin McConnell via Getty Images Get World Newsletters: Canadian Doctor Molests Women , George Doodnaught , George-Doodnaught-Guilty , Sex Assault Toronto Doctor , Toronto Doctor Sex Assault , World News A Canadian anesthesiologist was found guilty Tuesday of sexually assaulting 21 women while they were helplessly under anesthetic but aware of what was happening. George Doodnaught was accused of kissing, fondling and forcing oral sex on the patients at North York General Hospital in Toronto during a four-year period that ended in 2010. The victims were aware of what was happening but could not move, the court heard. The defense argued that the victims actually had vivid sexual dreams caused by sedatives known to play tricks with memory, and that Doodnaught could not have assaulted them undetected by others separated only by a surgical screen in the operating room. A researcher confirmed at trial that the drugs can cause hallucinations. But he added that it is unlikely that all of the women, who did not know each other, would come forward separately with similar accusations against the same doctor. The prosecution said Doodnaught was an experienced doctor who knew the routines of a busy operating room, and timed the brief assaults to avoid detection. “He had control over their level of anaesthesia and would have known that they could not openly resist,” Ontario Superior Court Judge David McCombs said in his ruling. “He relied on the amnesiac effects of the drugs to shield him from complaints.” Doodnaught is scheduled to return to court next month to set a date for sentencing. Copyright (2013) AFP. All rights reserved.

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Health Canada urges doctors to inoculate patients against H1N1 flu virus

It does come as a surprise to those who watch Doctor Who on the BBC, that in Canada and the United States (and elsewhere around the world), we have to adapt to the intrusion of ads inserted throughout the show, but such is the nature of commercial television throughout the world! Of course we can watch each show without interruptions on DVD! Whovian Culture Aside from the large number of personal, Who-related blogs, Canadas organized fandom has been in place in Canada at the very least since 1980 with the founding of the Doctor Who Information Network (formerly a chapter of the British-based Doctor Who Appreciation Society) which was one of the first such Who-based groups in North America and is now the longest-running, as it celebrates its 33rd year in 2013, and now has a strong online presence which includes the bimonthly fanzine, Enlightenment. And The Whostorian Quarterly emerged out of the As Yet Unnamed Doctor Who Fan Club of Newfoundland (AYUDWFCON) and, although no longer published, has led to internationally enjoyed weekly podcasts by Stylin Steve Nolan the quarterlys co-founder. The Doctor Who Society of Canada There is also The Doctor Who Society of Canada which fosters a sense of community through both online forums and regular social gatherings of Canadian Whovians of all ages and which launched its own Doctor Who Festival in 2012, called Regeneration. The internationally renowned weekly online podcasts of Radio Free Skaro originate from Vancouver and Edmonton, and are hosted by the self-designated The Three Who Rule (Warren Frey, Steven Schapansky and Chris Burgess). I KNOW I have left out those many other groups who should be acknowledged but of which I might not be aware (so please let me know, politely)! When all of these are combined with internationally based websites like DWTV, Canadian Whovians of the 21st century are linked and sharing with each other and with everyone else interested in Who, all around the world. Record Breaking! Even before the actual special on November 23rd, Canadians, like so many other Whovians worldwide, have been celebrating the 50th anniversary for much of 2013. 160 of them EXTER-MI-NATED their way into The Guinness Book of World Records after the largest number of Daleks gathered in one place and one time during this past summers annual Fan Expo Canada (the equivalent of San Diegos Comic Con).

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Doctor Who – A Global Phenomenon: Part 2 Canada


The woman died on Jan. 3 after returning from a trip to Beijing. H5N1 is an avian form of influenza that circulates in birds, mainly poultry. Unlike H1N1 and other seasonal flu viruses, athis is not a disease that is transmitted between humans, so unless you were in an affected area and in contact with an infected bird youare not going to get this illness,a said Dr. Theresa Tam, director general of the centre for emergency preparedness and response at the Public Health Agency of Canada. Almost no one is likely to get it, unlike H1N1, which spreads among the non-immunized. Some people think flu shots have been oversold. The vaccines are not 100 per cent effective: a widely cited study led by University of Minnesota researchers who analyzed nearly half a centuryas worth of data found flu vaccines offer moderate protection from the flu a 59 per cent for vaccines made from inactivated or akilleda virus, rising to about 83 per cent for the nasal spray version of live attenuated vaccines in children six months to seven years old. aThe vaccine works. However, itas not one of our better vaccines,a Wilson said. aAnd, because itas not so good, paradoxically, more people need to get vaccinated to try to create some kind of herd immunity.a Some people refuse the vaccine over safety fears. But Dr. Jeff Kwong, a scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto, says the most common side-effects are a sore arm or mild aches. People also cannot get the flu from the flu shot. aBut the biggest problem is the perception that influenza is not a big deal,a Kwong said. aFor most people, itas a minor illness.

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