The Paradox Of The Unemployed Medical Specialist

Global gathering of medical specialists


Interestingly, according to this survey, 38 per cent of neurosurgeons, 25 per cent of orthopedic surgeons and 40 per cent of urologists a specialty areas that usually have long wait lists a could not find jobs. And the problem is not going to get any better, the experts say. But if you are among the legions who have waited more than 18 months for a new hip, a year for a knee replacement or 600 days for so-called delayed breast reconstruction surgery, the study makes no sense. Patients are told quite often that one of the recurring reasons for long waits for treatment is that there are not enough specialist physicians to carry the patient load. In Ottawa, for instance, one area that has long waiting lists is neurosurgery, and one of the key reasons is that there are just too many patients for too few specialists. So how is it, many people will wonder, that patients will wait two years or more just to see any number of specialists for consultation a let alone surgery a because there are not many of them to go around, And then read a survey saying many specialists coming out of medical school canat find work? Dr. Chris Simpson is Queenas Universityas chief of cardiology and chair of the Wait Time Alliance, an association of 14 medical and surgical specialty societies dedicated to reducing wait times. He says the Royal College survey has a significant bearing on wait times, and acknowledges that many people will compare their own life experiences to the survey results, and find the whole thing absurd. aWhat a lot of people will say is awhat are you talking about?a My father has waited two years for his knee replacement, so how can you possibly have unemployed orthopedic surgeons?a Simpson says. aIt ties the wait times problem with the health human resources problem and the resources issue.a Simpson, who is also the president-elect of the Canadian Medical Association, says the Royal College study reveals the conundrum at the heart of the wait times problem.

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Phone numbers of govt specialist doctors found on slips for ‘private appointment’

Encarnacion Legaspi-Vicerra and Dr. Charry Sy (Philippines), publicity; Dr. Evelyn Guzman and Dr. Claudine Javier (Philippines), socials committee; Dr. Romel Caballes (Philippines) physical arrangement; Ma. Eden Besa and Ciele Campos (Philippines), registration. ISDS officer are composed of Loek Habbenma, MD, Netherlands, President; Anthony V. Benedetto, MD (USA), President-elect; Mauricio Podda, MD (Germany), Vice President; Deborah S. Samoff, MD (USA), Treasurer; Neil Sadick, MD (USA), Secretary; Kai Munte, MD (Netherlands), Historian; C. William Hanke, MD (USA), Executive Director; Gerhard Sattler, MD (USA), Executive Director; Sonja Sattler, MD (Germany), Administrative Director; Perry Robins, MD (USA), Founder President; Henry W. Randle, MD (USA), immediate past President. ISDS board of Directors: Sarita Martins De C. Bezerra, MD (Brazil); Rodica Cosgarea, MD (Romania); Sahar Ghannam, MD (Kuwait); Jurg Hafner, MD (Switzerland); Bruce Katz, MD (USA); Mariana Landau, MD (Israel); Michael McDonald, MD (USA); Tatjana Pavicic, MD (Germany) ; Matthias Sandhofer, MD (Austria); Kyle Seo, MD (Korea); and Hema Sundaran, MD USA). To register, please call Ms. Grace Tel. 910-1097 or Cielo 631-9723 / 09177964390 or Ms.

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Doctors can prescribe medicines and laboratory investigations only on slips of the government institute where they work and examine patients. Hospital authorities chanced upon two such prescription slips, which were issued by the department of paediatrics and medicine of the Rajindra Hospital, the clinical wing of Patiala medical college. While the slips didn’t bear the name of any hospital or clinic, those carried the contact numbers for purpose of availing future appointment. The case came to light on Saturday when a patient’s relative approached the hospital administration to get reimbursement for the amount spent on treatment. The slips did not bear the institute’s name and seal and the administration declined to process the reimbursement claim. “When the applicant was asked to disclose the source of slips, he revealed that these were issued by the prescribing physician in the departments of medicine and paediatrics after charging a fee for the same. He also showed similar slips issued by the department of medicine,” said a senior official, who was approached by the applicant when the hospital staff refused to entertain his claim. Dr Vijay Sharda, medical superintendent of the hospital, didn’t respond to calls on his cellphone. However, when calls were made on the phone number mentioned on one of the slips, the respondent identified himself as a “close friend” of the paediatrician, who had issued the slip, and said he used to refer paediatric patients to him. FEATURED ARTICLES

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