Health Care Law Promotes Conservative Values

C K Crane Services

10 titled Health law helps those locked into jobs,” in which the new health care system is highly criticized by conservative politicians. In its report, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that workers are quitting their jobs due to financial assistance from the federal government. Whats fascinating is that the health care reform act is actually quite conservative. This law could be called The Health Care Freedom Act because it frees people from jobs they despise and allows them to pursue other personal interests. Eddie Gonzalez-Novoa left his job in New York so he could help his nephew pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. Polly Lower quit her job so she could care for her granddaughter full-time while the childs mother went to work. Moreover, their decisions to leave the workforce have created job opportunities for other people who really need it. All of these ideologies to boost employment, nurture families and pursue entrepreneurial interests are conservative values. Put the animosity, bickering and selfish endeavors aside, because in reality, we are all on the same page and all have similar aspirations. It is time to start working together to positively change lives. Melissa Zissman Clayton

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