Is ‘doctor Strange’ On Marvel’s Slate For 2016?

If Marvel intends to keep its films going into the next decade, then this sort of expansion is important because it allows the studio to appeal to fans of different genres. Doctor Strange will also help to fill the gap left by Robert Downey Jr.’s shift away from the solo “Iron Man” franchise, giving viewers a new handsome and arrogant leading man to follow. If the rumors are true, I imagine that Doctor Strange will be announced within the next several months (possibly this summer at Comic-Con, if not before then). A 2016 release seems likely, though 2017 could be a possibility as well. All we can do is speculate. The next step for you Want to profit on business analysis like this? The key for your future is to turn business insights into portfolio gold through smart and steady investing starting right now. Those who wait on the sidelinesare missing out on huge gains and putting their financial futures in jeopardy.The Motley Fool is offering a new special report, an essential guide to investing, which includes access to top stocks to buy now. Click here to get your copy today — it’s absolutely free. John Casteele has no position in any stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends Walt Disney. The Motley Fool owns shares of Walt Disney. Try any of our Foolish newsletter services free for 30 days .

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Be a Better Patient: What Your Doctor Recommends When You Visit

Be a Better Patient: What Your Doctor Recommends When You Visit

Taking the time to talk to the staff about your visit helps ensure that they schedule enough time and can take care of anything that needs taking care of before the visit happens. Here are the things you’ll want to consider when scheduling: Prescription refills. Let the office know if you’ll be needing refills of any prescriptions so that they can make time for that to happen. If you’re running out of any medicines (or will before the visit), they need to know that too. For some medications, they may be willing to give you a small prescription to carry you over until your visit. This may not be true if it’s your first time visiting a new doctor, but it’s still important they have the information. Prescriptions for controlled medications will be considered a special case and likely require a visit (or even multiple visits) and some background information. Number of concerns. It’s best to let the staff know what you need to see the doctor for so that they can schedule the right amount of time for your appointment. Dr. English suggests: “If, for whatever reason, you’re uncomfortable listing your concerns, at the very least let them know how many things you need to talk to your doctor about.” Special needs. If you have any special needs, let them know.

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