Top Of The List: Cincinnati’s Top Physician Groups Join Forces

No. 5: Christ Hospital Physicians
Total physicians: 211
Top local executive: Victor DiPilla (pictured), Dr. Mike Jennings

5: Christ Hospital Physicians Total physicians: 211 Email | Twitter | LinkedIn This weeks list section is chock-full of information – I gathered a list of both the areas largest physician groups and a collection of plastic and cosmetic surgery practices in the area (turns out there are quite a few). Thanks to a couple of acquisitions over the past year, some of the longtime largest physician groups are growing even larger – UC Health and TriHealth both added an extra 100 physicians, and St. Elizabeth , Mercy Health and Christ Hospital Physicians added a combined 86 physicians to their staffs. Thats good news for the acquired practices, reports health care reporter Barrett J. Brunsman, who says smaller practices often consider buyouts so that physicians can focus more on practicing medicine and leave the business operations to someone else. Other smaller physician groups on the list, though, told me theyre avoiding buyouts because they worry the incorporation would mean theyd have to sacrifice a certain level of patient care. As for the second list, its worth noting that theres a difference between a cosmetic surgery and a plastic surgery practice, but I represented both on the list. Cosmetic surgery is a surgical discipline that exists strictly to meet a patients aesthetic ideals, even when a body part is fully functional. Plastic surgery, on the other hand, focuses on repairing or reconstructing body defects or imperfections caused by trauma, disease, birth, etc. Many of the practices on the list offer both variations, though, as the procedures often overlap. And just for fun – if youve always wondered what itd look like to get the fat sucked out of your thighs or have your stomach literally doubled over, then here you go. Click on the image at right to see the top five physician groups from this weeks list.

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Need For Physician Assistants Grows

Physician assistant students at the University of South Dakota are learning how to diagnose and treat medical conditions. The students already have a bachelor’s degree and have completed the recommended science courses. Many also have experience in the healthcare field. “After doing ultrasound for ten years, I wanted to find ways to advance my career and I wanted to find a career that would give me a good balance of work and home life,” student Jessica Failla said. Failla is one of 25 students in her class. The program is 24 months long. “You really have to study. A typical school day is normally 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Then I go home and study for probably another four hours every night,” Failla said. While the program is intense, USD has expanded its class size from 20 students to 25 to meet a growing need. “There’s a significant number of programs that have expanded and a significant number of new programs around the country, as well,” USD Physician Assistant Studies Program Chair Wade Nilson said. Nilson says the need for physician assistants will continue to grow because of an aging population and aging medical provider workforce, along with the Affordable Care Act. “Which opens up the door to millions of Americans who otherwise hadn’t had access to insurance in the past,” Nilson said.

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